About us

The concept for bringing real gemstones to the nail industry came about in an unexpected way. As executives from the diamond industry, we traveled often around the world. We explored ways to bring fresh ideas and designs to our market in the form of new jewelry lines or and exotic gemstones. We always felt that we are on a mission to redefine the way diamonds are being perceived. We just didn’t know exactly what it was that we were after.

While waiting for a flight, we noticed a woman with beautiful nail art seating next to us. Her nail design captured our attention. But, for us, two executives from the diamond industry, it was clear her nails were decorated with rhinestones and not real gems. It simply had no sparkle to it.

That was our aha moment, the moment everything came together, our endless search came to an end. Let’s go in a path no one else dared to go before and customize natural, real gemstones that could easily be applied to any nail and flow with every design. We were restless. How incredible a nail design would be if real diamonds, rubies or sapphires complement the art. We were now set on a journey to make our dream come true.

After in depth research, product testing and endless focus groups, we launched Vero Krew, the world’s first brand to offer natural gems to nail art. As inventors, the most exciting thing is the reaction that people have when they first see Vero Krew gemstones on nails. They simply cannot believe they are seeing real diamonds, rubies and sapphires on a nail. It starts with an OMG – is that real? Followed by a “that’s so cool, they are so beautiful; I just knew they had to be real”.

From that moment in the airport, until today, we explore the world’s most exotic and colorful gems that can be applied to nail art. And, we are set to redefine bling, forever.