Be a First ...

Vero Krew is the first to introduce the sparkle and billiance of natural diamonds and the vivid colors of natural qemstones to nail art, elevating the manicure to
a whole new level of sophistication and elegance. Vero Krew's natural diamonds and gemstones will truly wow everyone around you making you repeat one line
over again, Yes It's Real!!

Be Ready

The saying that nail polish speaks lounder than words is true. Doesn't matter what color nail polish you choose, Vero Krew diamonds and gemstones will shine and sparkle. Vero Krew precious gems are to be applied directly to your nail polish (we recommend gel or powder) and can be used time and again whenever you switch out your manicure color.

Be Bold

Your nails are waiting on you to finally show up - Diamonds have been pushed to the back of the finger for too many year, It's time to bring them to the front and position nail art with equal rights as a luxury statement.

This bold concept means never being without your jewelry as your nails will sparlde with the allure of real and natural diamonds, rubies and sapphires, You will always have your jewelry on and be ready to face the world.

Be Real....

Guilt freel Conflict Freel All Vero Krew diamonds and colored gemstones are verified as natural. VK diamonds and precious gems are absolutely conflict free and ethically sourced. VK's promise of authenticity is supported by an independent grading laboratory.


Own a diamond, own a color gemstone, and if you already do, own a few more!

Start your Vero Krew collection with round faceted precious and natural diamonds, rubies and sapphires available in 0.05 and 0.10 carat weights.

Looking to upgrade to a bigger stone size or a different shape?

No problem, all Vero Krew natural gemstones are available for special order in larger carat weight sizes and shapes. For more information please email us at


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